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1928 Rather Sunny but a Dull Spring.
The year in which Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, Johnny Weissmuller won the last of his 100m freestyle gold medals at the Amsterdam Olympics before becoming famous worldwide as Tarzan, and the right to vote in Britain was extended to all women over 21. (previously only married women over 30 were allowed the vote).
Weather Notes:-
7th January - A rapid thaw of lying snow led to a week of flooding in the London area that claimed 14 lives.
11th February - Violent thunderstorms caused power cuts in Norfolk.
22nd October - A severe squall in the West End of London during the evening caused as much as £15,000 pounds worth of damage. 

In London...
 Temperature 10.4°C   Rainfall 602.6 mm   Warmest  30.5°C
 Sunshine 1649 hrs      Coldest  -4.0°C

- Mild, wet and sunny
 Mean Temperature   5.4°C    
 Monthly Highest  12.9°C   Total Rain  79 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -3.3°C  Total Sun  58 hrs

The 1st of January was cold and misty as the late December snow continued to thaw. The maximum temperature was only 3.6°C. The thaw accelerated on the following day as nearly 17mm of rain fell. It became increasingly mild and, at times, windy , during the week, and the temperature on the 6th almost reached 13°C. The remainder of the month was generally mild and changeable, although it was colder for a while during the third week with some frosty nights.

February - Very mild and sunny with below average rainfall.
 Mean Temperature   6.6°C    
 Monthly Highest  13.2°C   Total Rain  35 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -2.0°C  Total Sun  86 hrs

The first 3 weeks of February were changeable, occasionally windy,  and mild or very mild. On the 2nd, nearly 13mm of rain fell, but most of the rain suring the month was light with several dry and sunny days occurring. Maximum temperatures were mostly above 10°C., but there was a cooler interlude during the fourth week. The highest temperature on the 24th was only 6.3°C., but it soon became milder again, and the 27th was sunny all day with an afternoon high above 13°C. 

March - Rather dull with above average temperatures and rainfall.
 Mean Temperature   7.2°C    
 Monthly Highest  17.6°C   Total Rain  44 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -2.5°C  Total Sun  93 hrs

Earl March was mild and changeable, and on the 4th the temperature exceeded 17°C. On the following day, over 11mm of rain was recorded. During the second week it became very cold with frosty nights and occasional snow. On the 11th, the maximum temperature was only 0.4°C. The weather became milder during the third week, and although it remained unsettled, amounts of rain were mostly small, and through the last week there were spells of sunshine.

April - Rather dull and dry with below average temperatures.
 Mean Temperature   8.9°C    
 Monthly Highest  23.1°C   Total Rain   36 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -0.2°C  Total Sun  131 hrs

Early April was changeable but there were some dry, bright and mild days. Towards the end of the second week temperatures fell as northeast winds developed. The highest temperature on the 16th was only 5.1°C., and sleet fell with the rain that totalled over 13mm for the day. At the beginning of the third week the wind veered southeasterly for a while and it became sunny and warm. The 24th was sunny all day, and the temperature on the 26th exceeded 23°C.

May - Rather cool and dull with slightly below average rainfall.
 Mean Temperature  11.6°C    
 Monthly Highest  24.2°C   Total Rain   45 mm
 Monthly Lowest   1.9°C  Total Sun  165 hrs

There were some sunny days early in May but generally the first 3 weeks were rather cloudy and often cool. There were many dry days, and measurable rain only fell on 9 days during the month. However, there was windy and wet weather during the third week, and on the 18th. nearly 11mm of rain fell. The cool weather lasted into the fourth week with a maximum temperature of  8.3°C on the 23rd. The end of the month was warm with a high above 24°C. on the 28th.

June - Cool and rather wet with near normal sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  14.2°C    
 Monthly Highest  23.7°C   Total Rain   57 mm
 Monthly Lowest   5.7°C  Total Sun  211 hrs

The 2nd of June was sunny all day, but sunshine was sporadic in this cool and unsettled month. There were a few rather warm days during the first fortnight, and on both the 6th and 13th afternoon temperatures approached 24°C. The third week of June was particularly changeable. On the 14th, nearly 23mm of rain fell and on the 16th the temperature only reached 14.5°C. the last week was less cool, and the highest temperature on the 25th was near 24°C. again.

July - Very sunny and rather warm with below average rainfall.
 Mean Temperature  18.5°C    
 Monthly Highest  30.5°C   Total Rain   52 mm
 Monthly Lowest  10.1°C  Total Sun  290 hrs

There was some changeable and rather cool weather during the early part of July. Morethan 16mm of rain was recorded on the 3rd, and the maximum temperature on the 6th was only 18.2°C. During the second week it became largely dry, sunny and warm, and this summery spell of weather lasted, almost without interruption, until the last few days of the month. There was unbroken sunshine on both the 13th and 14th; and the temperature on the 15th exceeded 30°C. 

August - Rather cool with above average rainfall and sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  16.5°C    
 Monthly Highest  26.3°C   Total Rain   66 mm
 Monthly Lowest   8.0°C  Total Sun  201 hrs

There was some unseasonably cool and wet weather early in August. The highest temperature on both the 3rd and 4th was only 16.0°C., and on the 4th over 23mm of rain fell. The rain died away in the evening to leave a cool night and on the 5th there was almost unbroken sunshine.It was warm at times during the second week, and the temperature on the 11th exceeded 26°C. The second half of the month stayed changeable with no prolonged warm spells.

September -
Very sunny, dry and rather cool.
 Mean Temperature  13.4°C    
 Monthly Highest  26.9°C   Total Rain   26 mm
 Monthly Lowest   1.7°C  Total Sun  200 hrs

The early part of September was mostly dry and warm with sunny spells. The 4th was sunny all day and the temperature on the 8th almost reached 27°C. Thundery rain occurred on the following day with a total close to 15mm. This was 1 of only 6 days with measurable rain during the month, and although there was plenty of sunshine, daytime temperatures struggled to reach average and nights were cold. On the 30th, the maximum temperature was only 11.8°C.

October - Wet with above normal sunshine and near average temperatures. 
 Mean Temperature  10.7°C    
 Monthly Highest  18.7°C   Total Rain   92 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -0.4°C  Total Sun  112 hrs

The first week of October was mostly dry with sunny spells and it was very mild. The 1st was sunny all day, and the temperature on the 5th almost reached 19°C. The remainder of the month was  changeable with strong winds at times. It became cold for a while at the end of the second week, and the maximum temperature on the 13th was only 11.1°C. A frost occurred on the following night, but unsettled weather returned, and on the 22nd nearly 28mm of rain fell.

November - Mild and rather dry with slightly above average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature   8.4°C    
 Monthly Highest  14.8°C   Total Rain  46 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -2.0°C  Total Sun  55 hrs

There was plenty of dry weather early in the month and it was generally mild with some sunshine. A few slight frosts occurred, but the temperature on the 13th rose close to 15°C. Around mid month it became very stormy, and on the 16th a gust of 56kn occurred and nearly 9mm of rain was recorded. Further windy conditions occurred during the last week of November, and although it mostly stayed mild, the temperature on the 28th failed to rise above 5.6°C.

December - Cold and rather sunny with above average rainfall.
 Mean Temperature   3.7°C    
 Monthly Highest  12.1°C   Total Rain  60 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -4.0°C  Total Sun  47 hrs

After a mild day on the 1st, cold northwest winds developed during the first week but there was plenty of sunshine. The wind veered easterly for a while around mid month and the temperature on the 15th failed to rise above minus 0.2°C. Snow preceded a change to milder weather during the third week, which lasted until the final few days of the month. The temperature on the 26th rose above 12°C. and before less mild air returned, nearly 12mm of rain fell on the 28th.

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