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1979 Cool. Cold Winter, Wet Spring and Dry Summer
In the year that the Shah of Persia went into exile, the Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran and declared the country an Islamic Republic. The Conservative Party, led by Margaret Thatcher, won the UK General Election, and condemned the Labour Party to 18 years out of Office; and Greenland was given Home Rule by Denmark. In the world of music, the biggest hit of the year in Britain was Art Garfunkel with 'Bright Eyes' which spent 6 weeks at number 1.
Weather Notes:-
15th February - A bitterly cold day across northern Europe accentuated by strong easterly winds. Maximum temperatures were minus 1°C. at Newquay (Cornwall), minus 3°C. at Scarborough (North Yorkshire), but minus 7°C in Amsterdam and minus 23°C. in Moscow.
1st May - Maximum temperature of only 4°C at Binbrook (Lincolnshire) and St Abb's Head (Berwickshire).
27th December - A very wet day in Devon and Cornwall with over 50mm falling in many places and 91mm in the 24hours up to 6pm at Camborne (Cornwall).

In London...
 Temperature 9.6°C  Rainfall694.0 mm  Warmest 30.3°C
 Sunshine1527 hrs   Coldest -6.7°C

January Very cold, rather wet and sunny.
 Mean Temperature  0.9°C  
 Monthly highest  8.8°C  Total Rain 61 mm
 Monthly Lowest -6.7°C Total Sun 56 hrs

The first 6 days of January were cold, often grey and windy, and sometimes  frosty, with the temperature on the 1st remaining below freezing all day. Generally the month was unsettled with cold and cloudy periods, but some sunny days also occurred, and there were some milder and wet interludes. On the 8th and the 31st  the maximum temperature was close to 9°C. Heavy snow occurred on both the 17th and 23rd with fog a persistent feature of the 21st.
February - Very cold, rather dull and wet.
 Mean Temperature  2.2°C  
 Monthly highest  8.9°C  Total Rain 46 mm
 Monthly Lowest -3.4°C Total Sun 52 hrs

The first day of February was cyclonic and wet with nearly 11mm of rain falling. Cold east winds then developed  as high pressure to the east attempted to block the advance of Atlantic fronts. A mix of rain, sleet and snow occurred, although there were some fine days during the first week, On the 15th, the temperature remained sub-zero freezing all day. After the 18th it became mainly dry, and eventually milder and sunnier, although the last day was wet. 

March - Very wet and rather cold with below average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  5.6°C  
 Monthly highest 14.9°C  Total Rain 90 mm
 Monthly Lowest -2.3°C Total Sun 98 hrs

The first 12 days of March were changeable and windy with temperatures mostly above average. A wave depression formed on a cold front and produced 23mm of rain on the 13th, and as this depression became slow moving to the east of the country the rain turned to sleet and snow on the 14th, and continued into the15th and 16th with highs near 3°C. After mid month, the weather became less unsettled and milder, and the high on the 25th was near 15°C. 

April - Rather cold, dull and wet.
 Mean Temperature  8.5°C  
 Monthly highest 22.0°C  Total Rain  79 mm
 Monthly Lowest   0.0°C Total Sun 118 hrs

The first fortnight was very cyclonic, and although occasionally cold during the first week, it became generally milder. On the 15th, the temperature reached 22°C, and there were several fine days during the third week. However, very unsettled weather returned  on the 21st and during the last week there were sunshine and showers. Some of the showers that fell were heavy and accompanied by hail and thunder with a chilly northwesterly wind blowing.

May - Very wet, rather cool and with above average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature 11.0°C  
 Monthly highest 27.0°C  Total Rain 101 mm
 Monthly Lowest  0.4°C Total Sun 222 hrs

A depression moved across southern England during the 1st and produced a wet day with a maximum temperature of only 8°C. After a chilly night, with a ground frost, wintery showers occurred on the 2nd, but it then became slowly milder. A warm spell commenced around the middle of the second week, and the maximum temperatures on the 14th and 15th were near 27°C.  It became cooler again during the 16th and the rest of the month was mostly cool and changeable.

June - Rather cool, dull and dry.
 Mean Temperature 14.7°C  
 Monthly highest 26.7°C  Total Rain  33 mm
 Monthly Lowest  7.8°C Total Sun 172 hrs

The first week of June was mostly cloudy and dry with temperatures close to average,  but it was wet on the 7th with a high of only 14°C. The second week was unsettled, often windy and generally cool. After mid month, high pressure developed for a while and it became dry, sunny and warm between the 17th and 20th with highest temperatures around 26°C. The remainder of the month became mostly rather cool and changeable, but  rainfall was mainly light. 

July - Very dry with temperature and sunshine slightly below average.
 Mean Temperature 17.1 °C  
 Monthly highest 30.3°C  Total Rain  17 mm
 Monthly Lowest  9.6°C Total Sun 187 hrs

High pressure was close to, or over, the British Isles through much of July. There were several warm days with maximum temperatures around 26 or 27°C. However, after promising starts to some days, cloud built up to leave disappointingly dull afternoons, but with little, or no,  rain. During the last week it became temporarily  hot with the temperature rising above 30°C on the 27th, but 10mm of rain fell on the 29th as the end of the month turned unsettled and cooler.

August - Cool and dry with sunshine near normal.
 Mean Temperature 15.6°C  
 Monthly highest 25.0°C  Total Rain  33 mm
 Monthly Lowest  5.0°C Total Sun 182 hrs

The first 3 weeks of the month were changeable with scattered showers, or longer spells of light rain or drizzle,  and bright or sunny spells. Maximum temperatures were mostly between 20 and 22°C. The fourth week was rather cool and cloudy with occasional light rain. After the 25th, it became dry, and although chilly at first, especially at night, it became mostly sunny and warm. On the 29th and 30th maximum afternoon temperatures were close to 25°C.

September - Dry and sunny with temperatures close to normal.
 Mean Temperature 14.0°C  
 Monthly highest 24.8°C  Total Rain  18 mm
 Monthly Lowest  3.2°C Total Sun 187 hrs

The first 3 days of September were changeable and often quite windy. but then high pressure built on the 4th and it became sunny and warm. On the 6th, the temperature almost reached 25°C, and maximum temperatures were 21°C., or more, on each day from the 4th to the 11th. It stayed mostly dry until the 18th, but a wet day on the 19th, with 6mm of rain recorded, was followed by a cooler, cloudier spell of weather, but with little in the way of further rain.

October - Mild, sunny and rather wet.
 Mean Temperature 11.9°C  
 Monthly highest 20.7°C  Total Rain  68 mm
 Monthly Lowest -0.6°C Total Sun 135 hrs

The opening 3 days of the month were fairly warm with maximum temperatures near 20°C. It then became unsettled,  but with winds from a southerly point, temperatures stayed relatively high. On the 8th, the maximum temperature rose above 20°C. again. Plenty of dry, often sunny, and rather warm weather with afternoon highs in the upper teens,  persisted until the last week but then it became wet at times and cooler  with maximum temperatures around 13°C.

November - Rather dry and fairly sunny with temperatures close to normal.
 Mean Temperature  7.1°C  
 Monthly highest 15.1°C  Total Rain 55 mm
 Monthly Lowest -4.6°C Total Sun 63 hrs

The first week was mild and rather changeable with maximum temperatures between 13 and 15°C. It then became less mild, and from  the 12th to the 18th the afternoon highs were only 6 to 8°C.  A short dry spell, commenced on the 19th, and fog quickly descended after cloud cleared late on the 20th, and persisted all day on the 21st with a maximum of only 2°C. The last week of the month  was rather cloudy, but it was very mild with highest temperatures near 15°C. 

December - Mild, wet but sunny.
 Mean Temperature  6.8°C  
 Monthly highest 15.5°C  Total Rain 93 mm
 Monthly Lowest -2.8°C Total Sun 55 hrs

Maximum temperatures were mostly between13 and 15°C during the first 10 days of this very unsettled and windy December. After that, it became somewhat cooler as afternoon highs typically reached 8 to 10°C before a temporary incursion of  rather cold northwesterly winds developed on the 18th. Rather cold, fairly sunny,  weather with several frosty nights then continued until the end of the year, although a mild, wet interruption gave 34mm of rain on the 27th.

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