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Greater London Averages

Greater London Averages - London Weather 2016
The earliest source of regular weather data from Greater London was from the Royal Observatory at Greenwich. Daily observations were undertaken from 1841 until the 1990s. The photograph (taken in 2011) shows the area, originally grassed, where temperature and rainfall readings were made daily for decades.
This site is run by the Hampstead Scientific Society and has a continuous record dating back to 1909. The data have been obtained from
Detailed weather observations were made at Kew from 1841 until 1980. After the closure of the observing site, limited data have been collected daily by Richmond Council.
Wood Pigeon reducing the rainfall during an August shower.
A typical garden setting in this Surrey suburb bordering on Wimbledon has provided a continuous record of temperature, rainfall and weather conditions since July 1988.
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