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It happened so quickly and was almost over when we got the camera going, but it gives a picture of daily life in our gardens.
This irresistible scene was caught along the Wey and Arun canal
He tried to persuade her that our garden pond would be safe and could sustain a future family ....
The cold winter and a tree full of crab apples attracted a whole gang of hungry redwings and fieldfares.
A single fox mother "from a poor background" gathers food for her cubs.
This little female fox visited us every day for 4 years.
The heron is not just looking at our goldfish. Given the chance he would clear the pond of fish ... but one has to remember that he is only hungry.
We were good friends especially when there was food in the tray.
Times are hard for the animals when the ground is covered by snow, so we give them a helping hand and they give us a good memory.
Normally she was not invited in for her meals, but this time I could not resist, but she was not very happy about it.
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