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Articles - London Weather 2016
Warm days, cold days; wet days, dry days. Here are the best and worst days, on average, over the years.
Many people are complaining about the poor summer weather this year (2011), and compared with recent years it is fairly indifferent. However, since 1900 there have been several very bad Summers.
Thunderstorms developed widely across Eastern England during the late afternoon and evening of the 15th June bringing localised torrential rain and flooding.
One symbol is seldom sufficient to describe the weather that occurs over several hours. The symbols below try to provide the closest representation of the expected forecast conditions.
The weather turned wintery again on Saturday morning. Snow fell quickly and settled to about 10 cm depth in the South London area. Here are a few scenes from Cannon Hill Common.
Media interest in winter has begun early this year, and with every year the sensationalism abounds and the colourful language used to describe relatively unremarkable weather events increases. This article describes, hopefully in sober terms, the coldest Decembers since the beginning of the last century.
In this part of London it has been notably dry so far this Spring, although one heavy thunderstorm could quickly change that. March proved to be the 16th driest in South London since 1900, not exceptional when taken alone, but with April days running out, the 2 month total is begiinning to look on the low side.
There are very few weather forecasts that do not include the words rain or showers. Most forecasts include both. Here is an attempt to clarify their meanings.
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