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1997 Dry and sunny, but a wet Summer
In the year that British scientists announced the cloning of a sheep, named Dolly, in Scotland, the Labour Party , renamed New Labour and led by Tony Blair, replaced the Conservatives who had governed the UK for 18 years. The transfer of Hong Kong sovereignty from Britain to China took place, Diana, Princess of Wales, died in a car crash and Mother Teresa of Calcutta died of natural causes. In the music world, Puff Daddy and Faith Evans with 'I'll be missing you' were the longest chart toppers of the year with 6 weeks at number 1.
Weather Notes:- 
2nd January - 20cm of snow in Jersey (Channel Islands)
3rd August - Nearly 132mm of rain at Stithians (Cornwall).
24th December - Very mild and stormy, especially in the west. Temperatures exceeded 15°C in Bristol, and gusts of over 90kn were recorded in northwest Wales.
In London...
 Temperature11.8°C  Rainfall582.8 mm  Warmest 31.1°C
 Sunshine1763 hrs   Coldest -5.0°C

January Very cold, dry and fairly sunny
 Mean Temperature  2.9 °C  
 Monthly highest 12.9°C  Total Rain 12 mm
 Monthly Lowest -4.2°C Total Sun 59 hrs

The first 10 days of the month had bitterly cold east to northeast winds which resulted in daytime temperatures remaining below freezing on 5 occasions. The maximum temperature on the 1st was minus 1.6°C. Snow fell on 8 days but most of it was very light and granular. The weather became generally milder after the 10th, although there were several more frosty nights, and there was plenty of dry weather, with daily  rainfall only exceeding 1mm on 4 occasions throughout the month
February - Mild, rather wet and fairly dull
 Mean Temperature 7.8 °C  
 Monthly highest 13,8°C  Total Rain 57 mm
 Monthly Lowest -3.8°C Total Sun 58 hrs

Winds from a southwesterly direction prevailed with no cold days and no snow.  The lowest maximum temperature was 7.2°C on the 1st,  and that was 1 of only 9 days when maxima were below 10°C. There were only 3 air frosts, these occurring before mid month. There were only 4 completely dry days, 3 of these occurring during the 1st week, and on the 18th thunder and hail occurred. Daily rainfall only exceeded 10mm once, namely on the 24th when over 11m fell.

March - Very mild, dry and sunny.
 Mean Temperature 9.5 °C  
 Monthly highest 17.5°C  Total Rain 11 mm
 Monthly Lowest 0.0°C Total Sun 151hrs

Pressure was higher than normal for much of the month maintaining mostly dry weather.  The total rainfall for the month included nearly 7mm of rain on the 3rd,  with only 2mm falling after the 5th. Although there were no particularly warm days, temperatures reached 17°C. on 4 occasions,  and with southwest winds predominating there was no frost or snow. The lowest maximum temperature was 10.3°C. recorded on both the 3rd and 4th.
April - Very dry, sunny and rather mild.
 Mean Temperature 10.0 °C  
 Monthly highest 21.7°C  Total Rain 12 mm
 Monthly Lowest -3.3°C Total Sun 218 hrs

The dry weather of March continued through much of April. The period 6th March to 24th April (50 days) yielded only 2.4mm of rain. Thereafter, 3 days of unsettled weather occurred but with rainfall only exceeding 1mm on 2 occasions. There were 18 nights with ground frost but only 3 air frosts, and there were 3 days when the temperature exceeded 20°C. The maximum temperature was 9.4°C on the 19th, the only day when the high failed to reach 10°C.
May - Dry and sunny with temperatures close to normal.
 Mean Temperature 13.2 °C  
 Monthly highest 26.2°C  Total Rain 27 mm
 Monthly Lowest 0.0°C Total Sun 259 hrs
There was very warm weather at the start of the month with temperatures close to 26°C. on both  the 2nd and 3rd. Cooler weather followed, and on the 6th the maximum was only 9.9°C. There were further brief warm spells mid month, the temperature reaching 26.2°C on the 17th,  and again over the last 3 days. Rainfall was mainly confined to a showery period of weather between the 3rd and the 12th, but the daily total only exceeded 4mm once, After the 20th, no significant rain fell.
June - Very wet, dull and with temperatures close to normal. 
 Mean Temperature 15.9 °C  
 Monthly highest 25.9°C  Total Rain 137 mm
 Monthly Lowest 7.8°C Total Sun 152 hrs

In this extremely wet month there were no completely dry days after the 13th. More than 27mm of rain fell on the 16th, pea-sized hail accompanied a severe thunderstorm on the 22nd when over 21mm of rain fell, and there was a total of 5 days when rainfall exceeded 10mm. . A few warm days occurred early in the month with the temperature rising above 25°C. on 3 days and the extensive cloud cover helped in producing warmer than average nights, However, after the 18th the temperature failed to rise above 20°C., and the maximum on the 27th was only 13.3°C.
July - Dry and sunny but rather cool. 
 Mean Temperature 18.2 °C  
 Monthly highest 27.6°C  Total Rain 34 mm
 Monthly Lowest 8.8°C Total Sun 241 hrs

The first 4 days of the month were very cool and showery, and on the 3rd the maximum temperature was 16.9°C.,  but after that it was mostly pleasantly warm with maxima between 23 and 25°C. on 14 occasions, and only less than 20°C. on 2 occasions. It was a fairly dry month, with less thunder than usual, and rainfall above 1mm only occurred on 5 days. On the 26th, 17mm of rain fell..
August Warm and wet with above average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature 20.7 °C  
 Monthly highest 31.1°C  Total Rain 80 mm
 Monthly Lowest 8.9°C Total Sun 194 hrs

Apart from the last week, the month was mostly very warm or hot. On the 8th, 10th and 19th the maximum temperature was around  31°C., with a maximum of 31.1°C. It was humid, too,  with several uncomfortably warm nights. On the 27th, the high was only 19.4°C., the only day of the month when the temperature failed to reach 20°C. Thunderstorms occurred on 5 days, and heavy rain produced over 27mm on the 6th and nearly 16mm on the 27th.

September - Very dry, sunny and rather warm. 
 Mean Temperature 15.8 °C  
 Monthly highest 25.5°C  Total Rain 9 mm
 Monthly Lowest 5.5°C Total Sun 190 hrs

Anticyclonic weather prevailed through most of September with no heavy rain falling, and only 3 days with a total exceeding 1mm.. There were 18 days when the temperature rose into the low 20s, and on the 18th the maximum was a pleasantly warm 25.5°C.There were some cooler days either side of mid month. However, the maximum temperature was only below 18°C once, with the lowest maximum 17.3°C. on the 19th.

October - Very sunny, rather wet with temperatures close to average.
 Mean Temperature 11.4 °C  
 Monthly highest 25.5°C  Total Rain 71 mm
 Monthly Lowest -5.0°C Total Sun 166 hrs
Heavy downpours occurred during the first half of the month, including 25mm on the 9th, but after the 15th, a total of only 1 millimetre fell.  There were several warm days during the first 3 weeks, including 25.5°C. on the 1st and 23.8°C. on the 19th, but after that it became rather cold. Clear skies and very low humidity at the end of the month led to a severe frost with minus 5°C.recorded in the air and a remarkable minus 12.8°C measured on the grass.
November - Mild and wet with sunshine slightly above normal.
 Mean Temperature 9.1 °C  
 Monthly highest 15.9°C  Total Rain 63 mm
 Monthly Lowest -3.5°C Total Sun 67 hrs
A cool start to the month with frost and fog , led to the coldest night on the 1st/2nd,  and the coldest day on the 2nd, 8.5°C.  as fog lingered into the afternoon. Thereafter, frost was confined to the nights of the 12th to 14th and the days and nights were mostly mild or very mild.  In this very cyclonic month, rainy spells were frequent but amounts generally small. Thunderstorms occurred on 2 days and hail accompanied the thunder on the 21st..

December - Mild and rather wet with sunshine slightly above normal
 Mean Temperature 6.8 °C  
 Monthly highest 15.2°C  Total Rain 68 mm
 Monthly Lowest -2.0°C Total Sun 48 hrs

Apart from 2 short-lived cold snaps, on the 2nd and on the 16th and 17th, the month was mild. On the16th the maximum temperature was 2.7°C.  It was exceptionally mild on the 10th with a maximum temperature of 15.2°C. On 7 occasions during December the maximum was 13°C. or higher. Rain fell frequently, and on the 1st over 12mm was recorded.  During the cold snaps there was some snow which briefly lay to a depth of 1cm on the 2nd. 

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