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1998 Cool summer and wet autumn
In the year that the Belfast Agreement, known as the Good Friday Agreement, was signed by the Irish and British Governments, paving the way for peaceful co-existence between the Protestant and Nationalist comminunities in Northern Ireland, a Company named 'Google' was founded, and Gerhard Schroder defeats Helmut Kohl to become Chancellor of Germany. In the music world, Dana International from Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest and the British Charts were dominated by Cher with 'Believe'.
Weather Notes:-
6th January - A tornado cut a swath through Selsey (West Sussex) accompanied by golf-ball sixed hail and caused an estimated 2 million pounds worth of damage.
15th April - Mold (Flintshire) had over 35cm of lying snow at the morning observation.
26th December - Very windy in Scotland and Northern Ireland with gusts exceeding 85kn along the Forth/Clyde Valley. Very mild in the Midlands with maxima exceeding 15°C.
In London...
 Temperature11.5°C  Rainfall742.3 mm  Warmest 31.1°C
 Sunshine1577 hrs   Coldest -4.5°C

January Mild, sunny and rather wet.
 Mean Temperature 6.6 °C  
 Monthly highest 14.6°C  Total Rain 72 mm
 Monthly Lowest -3.5°C Total Sun 65 hrs
Apart from a little sleet,  that fell during a thunderstorm on the 5th,  there was no wintery precipitation during this January. The first half of the month was very mild and changeable with only 1 completely dry day between the1st and the 18th. On the 9th the maximum temperature was 14.6°C., and on the 14th over 14mm of rain were recorded. The last fortnight of the month was colder with temperatures near, or even a little below normal. There were several frosty nights, but measurable rain only fell once.

February - Very dry, sunny and mild. 
 Mean Temperature 7.7 °C  
 Monthly highest 18.9°C  Total Rain 6 mm
 Monthly Lowest -4.5°C Total Sun 113 hrs

In a month without snow,  there was also very little rain. Only once during February did the daily fall exceed 1mm. A chilly start to February, with a maximum temperature of just 3.4° C.on the 1st,  was followed,  after the3rd,  by much milder weather. This lasted through the remainder of the month and included some exceptionally mild days. From the 13th to the 15th the maximum temperature rose above 17°C., including a high just short of 19°C. on the 13th.
March - Wet,  rather dull and mild.
 Mean Temperature 9.1 °C  
 Monthly highest 18.4°C  Total Rain 48 mm
 Monthly Lowest -2.6°C Total Sun 85 hrs
The first week was mild, wet and windy. More than 10mm of rain fell on the 5th. It then became cooler, and a couple of sharp frosts occurred during the middle of the second week. Between the 13th and 22nd no measurable rain occurred but skies remained rather cloudy. The weather was unsettled during the last week, however, the last few days of the month were very mild, and  the temperature was close to 18°C. on both the 28th and 29th.

April - Dull and wet  with temperatures a little below average.
 Mean Temperature 9.2 °C  
 Monthly highest 22.1°C  Total Rain 87 mm
 Monthly Lowest -0.5°C Total Sun 115 hrs

This was an extremely unsettled month with no completely dry days. Measurable rain fell on 24 days, including 7 days when thunder was heard, and on the other 6 days, precipitation, including 2 days when sleet or snow fell, was trivial. Only 1 day, the 14th, had a measurement exceeding 10mm. Temperatures were near, or a little above, normal during the first week, but a cold spell occurred between the 10th and the 18th, and on the 15th the maximum temperature was only 4.7°C. During the last 10 days of the month temperatures were generally above average, and on the 22nd the maximum was 22.1°C.
May - Dry,  warm and rather sunny.
 Mean Temperature 14.8 °C  
 Monthly highest 26.5°C  Total Rain 24 mm
 Monthly Lowest 1.7°C Total Sun 228 hrs

A cold, damp start to the month, with a maximum temperature of 9.6°C on the 1st, was followed by plenty of dry and warm weather. Measurable rain only occurred on 2 days between the 1st and the 24th, both these events were accompanied by thunderstorms, although amounts of rain were small. Temperatures rose above 21°C. on every day between the 8th and the 20th, and on the 15th the maximum was just short of 26.5°C. The last 10 days were cooler, and it became unsettled  with rain alternating with sunshine and thundery showers. On the 26th there was 10mm of rain.
June - Very wet, rather dull with temperatures close to average
 Mean Temperature 15.6 °C  
 Monthly highest 28.3°C  Total Rain 125 mm
 Monthly Lowest 5.7°C Total Sun 158 hrs

This was a remarkable month with only 3 completely dry days.   Heavy , thundery,  rain frequently occurred, with hail falling on the 7th, and again on the 10th, when thunderstorms produced nearly 15mm of rain.  The 48 hours ending at 1000 hours on the 15th gave nearly 38mm of rain. Although excessive cloud cover helped to keep the nights mild, daytime temperatures were depressed.  On the 11th the maximum was just 11.8°C. A brief warm spell between the 19th and 21st  peaked on the 20th with a maximum temperature of 28.3°C.
July - Dry and cool with below average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature 16.9 °C  
 Monthly highest 26.0°C  Total Rain 27 mm
 Monthly Lowest 9.7°C Total Sun 184 hrs

The month was unsettled with cloud and rain, sometimes thundery,  falling quite frequently. However, amounts of rain were generally small. After a very cool start with a maximum temperature of 16.7°C. on the 2nd, most highs were in the rather cool category. The temperature only exceeded 23°C. on 2 occasions, the highest being 26.0°C. on the 20th and, unusally, every day during the second half of the month, except the 20th, had a maximum temperature between 21 and 23°C.  

August - Very sunny, dry and rather cool. 
 Mean Temperature 17.7 °C  
 Monthly highest 31.1°C  Total Rain 32 mm
 Monthly Lowest 7.3°C Total Sun 263 hrs

A heavy thunderstorm on the afternoon of the 1st produced over 19mm of rain, and was 1 of only 4 occasions when rainfall exceeded 1mm. From the 4th to the 19th it was mostly dry and warm and on both the 10th and 11th the temperature exceeded 30°C.  During the remainder of the month it was mainly rather cool or cool with plenty of dry weather. On the 26th, the maximum temperature was only 18.0°C.
September - Wet and rather warm with above average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature 16.3 °C  
 Monthly highest 24.9°C  Total Rain 98 mm
 Monthly Lowest 6.8°C Total Sun 149 hrs

The first half of the month was unsettled and often quite wet with 13mm of rain falling on the 2nd and 19mm falling on the 4th. It was mostly warm at first, the temperature almost reached 25°C. on the 1st,, but from the middle of the second week it became cool. After mid month, no measurable rain fell until the 24th and it was  warm at  times. On the 19th the temperature reached 24.1°C. The last 6 days of the month were changeable with temperatures falling back to near normal. Thundery rain on the 26th produced nearly 22mm of rain
October - Wet, below average sunshine and with temperatures close to average.
 Mean Temperature 11.5 °C  
 Monthly highest 18.9°C  Total Rain 103 mm
 Monthly Lowest 0.8°C Total Sun 97 hrs

There was only 1 occasion when 2 consecutive dry days occurred during this changeable month,  and there were spells of quite heavy rain, especially later in October. On the 31st nearly 31mm of rain fell. No frosts occurred during October but neither were there any particularly warm days. On 7 occasions the temperature reached 17°C. or more, with the maximum on the 21st falling just short of 19°C.

November - Cold, sunny but rather wet. 
 Mean Temperature 6.5 °C  
 Monthly highest 16.1°C  Total Rain 63 mm
 Monthly Lowest -2.4°C Total Sun 78 hrs

The first 12 days of the month were unsettled, and although temperatures were near normal at first, it became very mild for a while. The temperature on the 9th reached 16.1°C, and 14mm of rain fell on the 13th. From the 13th to the end of the month it was mostly rather cold or cold, and from the 14th to the 23rd it was largely dry. On the 22nd, the maximum temperature was 5.2°C. However, the last week of November became unsettled again..
December - Mild, with below average sunshine and with rainfall close to normal. 
 Mean Temperature 6.8 °C  
 Monthly highest 14.5°C  Total Rain 57 mm
 Monthly Lowest -3.3°C Total Sun 42 hrs

The first week was cold, and on the 3rd the maximum temperature was only 2.8°C. Apart from a couple of cold days at the end of the third week the rest of the month was mild or very mild. On the 14th the maximum temperature was 14.5°C.  In a month when no snow fell, there were plenty of days when rain fell. Only once were there 2 consecutive dry days. Even so, rainfall only exceeded 10mm on 1 occasion, namely the 14mm on the 23rd.

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