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1999 Mild, rather wet, and very thundery.
In the year that the Euro makes its debut in several European countries, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic join Nato; Macau was handed over to China by Portugal and Vladimir Putin replaced Boris Yeltsin as President of the Russian Federation. In the music world the UK Charts were dominated by Westlife.
Weather Notes:-
5th-11th - Heavy snow in northern Scotland with much drifting and disruption to transport. At Aberdeen Airport 27cm of level snow was measured on the morning of the 10th.
5th July - Violent thunderstorm at Sible Hedingham (Essex) produced 122mm of rain and severe flooding.
4th, 26th and 28th December - Severe winds caused devastation in Denmark and Sweden on the 4th,  and France  and Switzerland on the 26th and 28th. These left over 80 people dead and an estimated 200 million trees were felled by the winds
In London..
 Temperature11.9°C  Rainfall695.8 mm  Warmest 31.3°C
 Sunshine1813 hrs   Coldest -5.8°C
JanuaryMild and wet with slightly above average sunshine
 Mean Temperature  6.9°C  
 Monthly highest 15.3°C  Total Rain 81 mm
 Monthly Lowest -3.7°C Total Sun 54 hrs

In this unsettled month,  the first week had some exceptionally high temperatures. On the 6th the maximum exceeded 15°C. A cold snap between the 9th and 12th included some frosty nights and on the morning of the 12th there was a little sleet, the only wintery precipitation of the month. Southwest winds then dominated for the rest of the month bringing mild, damp weather and  little scope for frost. The 22nd was an exception to this changeable theme. It was foggy all day with a maximum of just 2.4°C.

February - Dry and sunny with temperatures close to normal. 
 Mean Temperature  6.1°C  
 Monthly highest 13.6°C  Total Rain 28 mm
 Monthly Lowest -5.6°C Total Sun 90 hrs

The first few days were mainly dry and mild, with the temperature on the 4th reaching 13.2°C, but  it became colder on the 7th and the following week was cold with frost overnight and a little snow at times. On the morning of the 9th there was 1cm of lying snow. Mild weather returned after mid month,  with a high approaching 14°C on the 19th,  and it was mostly frost-free. Rain fell frequently but amounts were small..
March - Dry and rather mild with above average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  8.6 °C  
 Monthly highest 20.2°C  Total Rain  29 mm
 Monthly Lowest -0.8°C Total Sun 122 hrs

The first 12 days of the month were unsettled, although amounts of rain were mostly small. It was mild at first but a colder spell followed with a high of only 4.9°C on the 7th. Temperatures rose substantially after the 12th and this coincided with a week of dry weather. The maximum on the 17th reached 20°C. Changeable conditions returned at the end of the third week but it remained mild and amounts of rain were small. 

April - Mild and dry with above average sunshine
 Mean Temperature 10.6 °C  
 Monthly highest 21.0°C  Total Rain 40 mm
 Monthly Lowest -2.4°C Total Sun 168 hrs

The month was unsettled with no more than 2 consecutive completely dry days. However, amounts of rain were generally small. There were only 2 days with maximum temperatures under 10°C, with a high of just 7.9°C on the 14th.  Apart from a few cool days with frosty nights around mid month,  temperatures in April were mostly above normal. The warmest days were at either end of the month with maxima of 20.5°C on the 1st., and 21.0°C on the 30th.

May - Rather warm with below average rainfall and slightly below normal sunshine
 Mean Temperature 14.4 °C  
 Monthly highest 25.8°C  Total Rain 40 mm
 Monthly Lowest 3.8°C Total Sun 185 hrs

After a dry, warm start to the month, with temperature on the 3rd reaching 22.4°C,  the weather became changeable and cooler  from the 5th onwards until the end of the month. However, There were several more warm days, especially during the last week, and on the 27th the temperature roseclose  to 26°C.  Rainfall during May was above average, mainly the result of 3 thundery downpours. On the 29th there was a severe thunderstorm with hail resulting in nearly 13mm of rain.

June - Rather wet but sunny, with temperatures a shade below normal.
 Mean Temperature 15.3 °C  
 Monthly highest 26.6°C  Total Rain 69 mm
 Monthly Lowest 5.4°C Total Sun 239 hrs

 A thundery beginning to the month resulted in 29mm of rain falling in the first 2 days, There was plenty of dry weather from the second week through to the 25th, but the remainder of the month was very unsettled. Temperatures were mostly disappointingly cool, although a rather warm spell occurred mid month with the temperature on the 16th reaching 25.9°C. An isolated warm day on the 26th gave a high near 27°C.
JulyVery sunny, warm and extremely dry. 
 Mean Temperature 19.5 °C  
 Monthly highest 31.0°C  Total Rain 5 mm
 Monthly Lowest 8.6°C Total Sun 276 hrs

Apart from a short rather cool interlude mid month, and an isolated cool day with a maximum temperature of only 16.9°C on the 22nd, the month was pleasantly warm or sometimes hot. On the 31st, the temperature rose to 31°C. Thunder occurred on 4 days, but the storms produced very little rain with a total for the month of less than 5mm. Between the 6th and the 18th there was no significant rain, and again from the 20th until the end of the month.
AugustVery wet, rather cool but above average sunshine
 Mean Temperature 17.9 °C  
 Monthly highest 31.3°C  Total Rain 89 mm
 Monthly Lowest 7.1°C Total Sun 200 hrs

The first week was very warm or hot, and on the 1st the temperature rose above 31°C. The remainder of the month was often cool or rather cool, although temperatures recovered into the rather warm category during the last week. Thunder occurred on 6 days during August, twice the monthly average; and thundery downpours, mostly before the 19th,  produced over 10mm on 4 separate days.

September - Warm and very wet with above average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature 17.0 °C  
 Monthly highest 28.6°C  Total Rain 130 mm
 Monthly Lowest 8.4°C Total Sun 165 hrs
The first 12 days of 'Autumn' produced some of the best weather of the 'Summer' . Apart from a thundery downpour with hail on the afternoon of the 5th, it was warm or very warm and mostly dry with plenty of sunshine. The temperature on 11th was close to 29°C. From the 13th onwards, rain occurred on every day of the month. Much of it was thundery,  with totals exceeding 10mm on 6 occasions. On the 24th, more than 19mm fell. Temperature during this wet period were mostly close to normal or a little above, although there were 2 cold days on the 14th and 15th with maxima of just above 13°C.

October - Very sunny, rather dry with temperatures close to normal. 
 Mean Temperature 11.5 °C  
 Monthly highest 19.0°C  Total Rain 53 mm
 Monthly Lowest 0.4°C Total Sun 160 hrs

A wet night on the 1st/2nd was an exception during the first 19 days of this month, in which there was plenty of dry and sunny weather with several grass frosts overnight.  At times it was almost warm, with the temperature on the 10th reaching 19°C. From the 20th until the end of the month the days were mostly on the mild side of normal, but there were some chilly nights. It was cloudier and more unsettled than earlier in the month and on the 23rd thundery rain totalled over 16mm. 
November - Mild and dry with above average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature 8.7 °C  
 Monthly highest 17.3°C  Total Rain 33 mm
 Monthly Lowest 0.8°C Total Sun 79 hrs

The first 2 weeks were mild or very mild with plenty of dry weather. The temperature on the 1st rose above 17°C.  It then became cooler for a while, with a maximum of only 6.5°C on the 18th,  before turning mild again during the last week. From the third week onwards until the end of the month rain fell on most days. A thunderstorm occurred on the 16th, producing only light rain, and only 1 daily total exceeded 5mm.

December - Very wet, but very sunny with normal temperatures.
 Mean Temperature 5.8 °C  
 Monthly highest 13.0°C  Total Rain 103 mm
 Monthly Lowest -5.8°C Total Sun 75 hrs

There were only 4 completely dry days during this changeable month and on 3 occasions the daily rainfall exceeded 10mm. The wettest day was the 24th with over 16mm.  Temperatures showed considerable fluctuations as weather systems crossed from the west, and for a few days around mid month it was cold enough for precipitation to fall as snow. There were some sharp overnight frosts and after a maximum of 2.3°C on the 19th, the temperature fell to close to minus 6°C. on the following night.

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