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1990 Dry and sunny. Record-breaking warmth in February and August
In the year that saw Iraq invade Kuwait, a precursor to the first Gulf War, Margaret Thatcher was forced to resign as British Prime Minister and was replaced by John Major, Nelson Mandela was released from prison in South Africa. and the re-unification of Germany took place. In the music world, 'Unchained melody' was a hit once again for the Righteous Brothers, 35 years after their original hit, but the chart topper for the longest period was Elton John with 5 weeks at number 1 with 'Sacrifice/Healing Hands'.
Weather Notes:-
25th January - Severe gales during the day caused much damage and loss of life across the Midlands and southern England. Gusts of wind were between 60 and 70 kn inland and as high as 90 kn on the Welsh coast.
3rd August - Heatwave with many high temperature records broken, including a maximum of 37°C at Cheltenham,  and a minimum of  24°C at Brighton (East Sussex) on the night of the 3rd/4th.
7th/8th - Heavy wet snow in the Birmingham area overnight caused much disruption and left motorists stranded on adjacent motorways., 

In London...
 Temperature11.8°C  Rainfall488.8 mm  Warmest 35.5°C
 Sunshine1900 hrs   Coldest -3.6°C

January Rather wet, fairly sunny with temperatures close to normal.
 Mean Temperature  7.2°C  
 Monthly Highest 13.1°C  Total Rain 69 mm
 Monthly Lowest -1.0°C Total Sun 58 hrs

A mild, changeable wet and windy month notable for the severe gales on the 25th which subsequently became known as 'The Burns Day Storm'.  No snow fell and there were only 2 air frosts. Temperatures rose to 10 Celsius, or above, on 16 occasions with the mildest day, the 15th, with a maximum of 13.1°C. Rain fell frequently, with 11mm falling on both the 6th and 30th. Hail and thunder occurred on the 31st.

February - Very mild, sunny and very wet.
 Mean Temperature  8.6°C  
 Monthly Highest 19.0°C  Total Rain 97 mm
 Monthly Lowest -1.6°C Total Sun 94 hrs

This was an unsettled month with winds predominantly from the southwest. There was no snow, although sleet fell briefly during a thunderstorm on the 3rd,  and there was only one air frost, on the night of the 15th/16th. It was generally mild or very mild, but a cooler spell around the middle of the month produced a maximum temperature of 7.1°C. on the 14th.  On the 22nd the temperature reached 16.0°C, and on the 23rd, it was exceptionally mild with the temperature rising to 19.0°C. The heaviest rain occurred at the beginning of the month with over 40mm falling during the first 3 days.
March - Very dry,  mild and sunny.  
 Mean Temperature  9.4°C  
 Monthly Highest 21.2°C  Total Rain  5 mm
 Monthly Lowest -0.8°C Total Sun 147 hrs

Anticyclonic weather prevailed with no measurable rain from the 2nd until the 12th,  and again from the 26th until the end of the month. In between, rainfall exceeded 1mm on 2 days, with thunder and hail on the 25th. Although there were slight frosts on 3 nights, there were many pleasantly warm days, especially around the middle of the month. On the 17th the temperature rose to 21.2°C, with 20.9°C. on the following day. There were only 3 days during the month when maximum temperatures failed to reach 10°C.

April - Very sunny with temperatures and rainfall close to normal
 Mean Temperature  9.1°C  
 Monthly Highest 22.3°C  Total Rain  51 mm
 Monthly Lowest -3.6°C Total Sun 245 hrs

Although temperatures were within a degree of normal,  this month was colder than the preceding March.  There were damaging frosts early in April with a minimum of minus 3.6°C on the night of the 4th/5th. During the first 8 days there were 3 occasions when maximum temperatures stayed below 10°C, but on the 1st the maximum was 20.1°C, and the temperature exceeded 20°C on 3 days during the last week, including the 30th when the high was 22.3°C.  A high frequency of thundery showers, thunder was heard on 5 separate days between the 13th and 22nd, accounted for much of the rainfall for the month. On the 13th, nearly 12mm of rain fell.

May -  Very dry, sunny and rather warm.
 Mean Temperature 14.3°C  
 Monthly Highest 27.6°C  Total Rain  6 mm
 Monthly Lowest  3.9°C Total Sun 287 hrs

The first week was warm or very warm with a high of 27.6°C. on the 3rd. The first rain of the month fell on the 9th, with the last measurable rain, the result of thundery showers,  falling on the following day.  Although the very warm weather of the first week was not repeated during this prolonged dry spell, temperatures exceeded 20°C on 15 separate occasions during the month and there were no maxima below 14°C.

June - Dull and cool with rainfall close to average.
 Mean Temperature 14.7°C  
 Monthly Highest 24.6°C  Total Rain  47 mm
 Monthly Lowest  6.1°C Total Sun 133 hrs

The first day of the month was fairly warm with the temperature reaching 23.7°C., otherwise the first half of June was cool or very cool. On the 11th, the maximum was only 14.1°C. It was mostly cloudy and showery with some thunderstorms and hail. The second half of the month was unsettled, although a dry spell occurred from the 24th to the 29th. On the 21st, over 13mm of rain fell. It was somewhat warmer, and on the 26th and 27th the maximum was above 24°C. Nevertheless, the average maximum temperature during June was lower than during the preceding May.

July - Very dry and sunny with temperatures close to average
 Mean Temperature 18.2°C  
 Monthly Highest 31.3°C  Total Rain  8 mm
 Monthly Lowest 7.5°C Total Sun 273 hrs

The first 6 days of July were very cool and changeable. On the 1st, the maximum temperature was only 17.4°C.  The remainder of the month was warm or very warm by day, but often cool at night. There were several hot days, and on both the 20th and 21st the temperature rose above 31°C. No measurable rain fell between the 7th and the 27th, and the unsettled end to the month produced little rain, with no daily fall during July exceeding 3mm.
August Very warm, dry and sunny.
 Mean Temperature 19.9°C  
 Monthly Highest 35.5°C  Total Rain  33 mm
 Monthly Lowest  9.3°C Total Sun 249 hrs

The early part of the month was very hot, with the maximum temperature exceeding 31°C on the first 4 days. On the 3rd the maximum temperature was 35.5°C. It continued mostly very warm until the end of the second week, but the third week was cooler with temperatures generally below normal. On the 18th, the maximum was only 18.3°C. The first measurable rain of the month fell on the 15th, and although several days of changeable weather followed, no daily total exceeded 9mm. and it then became mostly dry and warm or very warm until the end of the month. 

SeptemberRather cool and sunny but dry.
 Mean Temperature 14.3°C  
 Monthly Highest 25.0°C  Total Rain  25 mm
 Monthly Lowest  3.3°C Total Sun 173 hrs

Less than 1mm of rain fell during the first 16 days of the month, and although the remainder of the month was unsettled, and sometimes thundery, amounts of rain were generally small. However, on the 29th, over 11mm of rain fell. Temperatures were mostly near, or above average during the first fortnight, and on the 2nd the maximum was 25.0°C. There were only 3 days when the maximum temperature was below 20°C. The remainder of the month was mainly rather cool or cool with the maximum only exceeding 20°C. on 3 further occasions.

October - Rather mild, sunny and dry.
 Mean Temperature 13.1°C  
 Monthly Highest 23.9°C  Total Rain  54 mm
 Monthly Lowest  0.7°C Total Sun 123 hrs

The early part of the month was changeable and fairly mild, but from the 7th there was a week of dry weather. On the night of the 7th/8th there was a ground frost, the only one of the month, but during the second week the temperatures rose, and on both the 12th and 13th the maxima were just short of 24°C. After mid month it was mostly unsettled and cooler with temperatures mostly near, or a little above, normal. Thunder was heard on 4 days, and over 10mm of rain fell on both the 26th and 27th, but generally, rainfall amounts were fairly small.
November - Dry, fairly sunny and with temperatures slightly below normal.
 Mean Temperature  7.7°C  
 Monthly Highest 15.6°C  Total Rain 37 mm
 Monthly Lowest -1.3°C Total Sun 70 hrs

Winds predominantly blew from a northerly direction during the month bringing rather cloudy skies and occasional, mostly light,  rain or drizzle. There were some sunny days, and also several clear nights, especially early in the month when ground frost was frequent, and the air temperature on the night of the 5th/6th fell to minus 1.0°C. The highest temperatures occurred around mid month with maxima on the 13th,15th and 16th above 15°C.  After the 19th it was persistently rather cold or cold and the high on the 22nd was only 5.2°C. There were 2 air frosts during November, and on the night of the 27th/28th the minimum temperature was minus 1.3°C .
December - Rather cold,  slightly drier and sunnier than average.
 Mean Temperature 5.0°C  
 Monthly Highest 12.4°C  Total Rain 57 mm
 Monthly Lowest -2.6°C Total Sun 48 hrs

The first 3 weeks were mostly rather cold or cold with many frosty nights and sleet or snow falling on 5 occasions. Early on the 9th there was the rare combination of snow and thunder. The maximum temperature on the 18th was only 2.2°C., but from the 20th onwards it was mostly mild. On the26th, the maximum temperature was 12.4°C. The heaviest precipitation occurred in the latter part of the month, and on the 25th nearly 17mm of rain  fell.   

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