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Day Trip to Yalding, Kent
Yalding is a small village between East Peckham and West Farleigh about 5 miles from Maidstone.
The name is recorded in the Domesday book as the Saxon manor of Hallinges owned by Aldret, and that it was given to Richard de Tonbridge by William the Conqueror . The village was known as Gealding from the Anglo Saxon Ge meaning village, eald meaning old and ing, a parcel of land. The name had changed to Yaldinge by the time of the Civil War (1642 - 1648).
The walk which is 9.5 km starts from Yalding's Teapot Museum passing orchards and hop fields, through the countryside to Nettlestead and back along the river. The walk is very well laid out and a pdf file can be found here:

We started with a pub meal at the Anchor Inn:

More photos from Yalding here:

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