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Day Trip to Downside/River Mole
Downside is a small village south of Cobham, Surrey in the River Mole valley. Here we did a 5 mile circular walk starting in Downside walking along the River Mole into a very varied countryside.
The walk always starts with a visit to the local pub, and in this case The Plough was the provider.
Al though it's a pub, the menu makes it seem more like a restaurant and the food was extremely good. 
The price was just as acceptable as they served a 2-course meal for 10 pounds at lunchtime.

The weather was absolutely perfect for a walk.  The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky
and the temperature reached 17 or 18 Celsius.

The Plough, Downside River Mole and the ancient oak trees The River Mole
Stile A bluebell carpet Chatley Semaphore Tower
Hatchford park Tree-lined road Crossing the road
Kissing gate Across a field Horses relaxing

The Walk
The Plough

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