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Day Trip to Ottershaw, Surrey
This was a 7km walk combining rural, urban and semi-urban landscapes around Ottershaw and Row Town, Surrey.
The starting point of the walk was The Castle Inn at Ottershaw.

The ambience of the pub was friendly, an observed characteristic of the people of the area. The food, although not grand, was plentiful, but perhaps a shade pricey. Nevertheless, it was good fuel for the afternoon ahead.

The early part of the walk was along a leafy lane lined with expensive houses, at the end of which was a nursery growing fields of herbs. There was a powerful smell of mint near the exit into a lane bordering a permanent caravan site. .

The  small, but quickly flowing, River Bourne was crossed and then it was off along a lengthy straight path connecting Ottershaw to Row Town. A walk through the unpretentious, but well provided for, Row Town, was followed by a further excursion into the countryside with many fields of horses and cattle accessed over a network of high stiles.

Urban pavements, then a well-worn path,  provided the route back to the hostelry in Ottershaw.    

The Castle Inn, Ottershaw

Large trees front the herb fields

Rows of parsley

A quiet country lane near Row town

The River Bourne

A field of unusual sheep

Path overgrown with bracken 

Foxgloves alongside a field

A curious horse near Row Town

The ability for trees to grow on

A favourite cow sheltering area

Rural fences and stiles

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