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Day Trip to Norbury Park, Surrey
This pleasant 7km walk from encompassed the fields and woodlands around Norbury Park, north of Dorking on the opposite side of the valley from the popular Box Hill.
The Stepping Stones pub in Westhumble provided the lunch needed as fuel for the walk around the Surrey Hills. The food was perhaps slightly overpriced, but the quality was adequate and the service was acceptable. The walk passed close to the quaintly named Box Hill and Westhumble Station opened  in 1867 and then alongside the rail track into fields bordering the River Mole. For geography enthusiasts there's a good example of a cut off meander, or dry oxbow lake alongside the . river. After a stroll through quiet lanes the walk turns uphill on a narrow path that eventually emerges on to woodland track. Ancient yew trees occasionally appear amongst the beeches, and after exiting the wood a large lebanon cedar can be seen, part of the Norbury Park arboretum. A further climb uphill was marred by a new high fence surrounding, and obscuring, the 1774 manor house. Nevertheless, a break from the climb was rewarded by the sight of several flowering orchids. There were some splendid views across the valley as the walk headed back towards Westhumble, and on the descent into the village the 13th century ruins of the flint-built chapel added history to this idyll so close to London.   

Stepping Stones, Westhumble

Westhumble/Box Hill Station

Bridge over the River Mole

Irrigation channel on River Mole 

Dry oxbow lake by River Mole

Swift-flowing River Mole

Lebanon Cedar

Wild orchids by Norbury Park

Across the valley north of Box Hill

Beech Tree fungus

Remains of Westhumble Chapel

Over-dressed sheep

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