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1910 Dull and Rather Cool. Dull and Rather Wet Summer.
In the year that George the Fifth became King in the UK after the death of his father, Edward the Seventh, Portugal became a Republic with King Manuel the Second fleeing to Britain, and the final act of Capital Punishment was carried out in Sweden when a murderer was executed using a guilotine for the one and only time.
Weather Notes:-
27th January - Over 10cm of snow lying in Aberdeen with a maximum temperature close to minus 8°C.
9th June - Thunderstorms produced over 100mm of rain  in a broad swath from east Berkshire to the West Midlands.
6th August - The temperature in Sumburgh, Shetland reached 27.8°C., the highest temperature  recorded in the UK during August.

In London...
 Temperature 10.2°C   Rainfall 647.7 mm   Warmest  26.9°C
 Sunshine 1351 hrs      Coldest  -6.0°C

January Sunny, rather mild and dry.
 Mean Temperature   4.6°C    
 Monthly Highest  13.3°C   Total Rain  43 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -6.0°C  Total Sun  63 hrs

The beginning of January was very mild and fairly dry with sunny spells. On the 2nd, the maximum temperature was above 13°C. A little rain fell, but after mid month it became more changeable.  It also became colder, and on the 26th the temperature only reached 1.1°C. After a severe frost on the following night, the weather became milder again with snow turning to rain. On the 28th, over 13mm of rain fell, but there was further sunshine at the end of the month. 

February - Mild, wet and rather sunny.
 Mean Temperature   5.7°C    
 Monthly Highest  12.4°C   Total Rain  70 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -1.7°C  Total Sun  74 hrs

There was some rather cold weather early in February, and the temperature on the 2nd only reached 5.0°C. However, at the end of the first week it became milder, and the remainder of the month was mild and changeable. It was often windy as a series of Atlantic depressions crossed the country. Rain was mainly light, but on the 15th over 10mm fell.There were spells of sunshine between the rain bands, and on the 17th the maximum temperature exceeded 12°C. 

March - Dry and sunny with temperatures slightly below normal.
 Mean Temperature   6.3°C    
 Monthly Highest  13.7°C   Total Rain   24 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -1.2°C  Total Sun  143 hrs

There was some sunny and mild weather during the first week, and the temperature on the 5th almost reached 14°C. The second week remained mild but it became more unsettled. On the 9th, nearly 12mm of rain fell. After mid month it became colder, and on the 18th, the maximum temperature was only 5.5°C. At the end of the third week the weather became dry with some frosty nights,  and from the 20th until the end of the month there was no measurable rain.

April - Dry, dull and rather cold.
 Mean Temperature   8.4°C    
 Monthly Highest  17.8°C   Total Rain   27 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -1.7°C  Total Sun  117 hrs

The first few days of April were dry with sunny periods. There were frosty nights, and day-time temperatures were below normal. On the 1st, the maximum temperature was only 8.6°C. Rain fell on the 4th, but most of the following 2 weeks were dry and rather cloudy with temperatures below normal. During the third week it became warmer, and the high on the 21st was close to 18°C. It became fairly unsettled, and on the 28th over 6mm of rain was measured.

May - Above average sunshine with temperatures and rainfall close to normal.
 Mean Temperature  12.3°C    
 Monthly Highest  23.9°C   Total Rain   47 mm
 Monthly Lowest   0.4°C  Total Sun  219 hrs

There was cool and changeable weather during the first half of May. The temperature on the 9th only reached 9.9°C., and when clouds dispersed on the following night the temperature fell close to freezing.
On the 19th, nearly 11m of rain fell, but it then became warmer and sunnier for a while. On the 22nd, the afternoon temperature nearly reached 24°C, and on the 23rd there was almost unbroken sunshine. The weather then became unsettled and somewhat cooler. 

June - Dull and wet with above normal temperatures.
 Mean Temperature  16.3°C    
 Monthly Highest  26.9°C   Total Rain   68 mm
 Monthly Lowest   8.2°C  Total Sun  164 hrs

The first half of June was often dry, and there were several sunny and rather warm days. However, there was also plenty of cloud at times with some thundery showers. During the third week it became mainly warm or very warm, and the afternoon temperature on the 20th was close to 27°C. The weather then became generally unsettled and cooler. On the 25th, over 19mm of rain was recorded, and on the 26th the afternoon temperature was only 16.2°C.

July - Very dull and cool with near normal rainfall.
 Mean Temperature  15.3°C    
 Monthly Highest  23.4°C   Total Rain   63 mm
 Monthly Lowest   8.9°C  Total Sun  111 hrs

The first half of July was mainly cool and changeable. On the 5th, over 11mm of rain fell, but although cloud cover was extensive, rain was generally light. On the 9th, the maximum temperature was only 14.2°C. The weather improved slightly towards the end of the second week, and the 14th was a rare fairly sunny day. During the second half of July it was mostly less cool, but still rather cloudy. However, the afternoon temperature on the 28th exceeded 23°C.  

August - Rather dull, cool and wet.
 Mean Temperature  16.2°C    
 Monthly Highest  23.9°C   Total Rain   71 mm
 Monthly Lowest   9.6°C  Total Sun  163 hrs

The beginning of August was cool and very changeable and there were some heavy, thundery downpours. On the 5th, nearly 30mm of rain was recorded. The second week was somewhat better with more in the way of sunny spells and slightly higher temperatures. On the 14th, the temperature almost reached 24°C.  Atlantic weather systems brought further rain during the second half of August, and on the 29th, the afternoon maximum was only 17.3°C.

September - Very dry and cool with below average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  13.5°C    
 Monthly Highest  23.0°C   Total Rain   11 mm
 Monthly Lowest   3.3°C  Total Sun  136 hrs

The first 2 weeks of September were mostly dry with sunny periods. Temperatures were near, or rather below normal. On the 14th, over 10mm of rain fell,  and the third week was cool, rather cloudy and changeable. There were showers, but amounts of rain were small. On the 20th, the maximum temperature was only 13.9°C.  During the last week, there was plenty of dry weather and it became warmer. On the 28th, the temperature reached 23°C.

October - Very dull and mild with slightly below average rainfall.
 Mean Temperature  12.1°C    
 Monthly Highest  21.3°C   Total Rain  55 mm
 Monthly Lowest   4.1°C  Total Sun  62 hrs

There was some warm and sunny weather early in October. The temperature on the 2nd reached 21°C., and on the 3rd it was sunny nearly all day. It then became unsettled, although temperatures generally remained above normal. On the 12th nearly 12mm of rain fell. It was particularly dull during the second week, and after mid month it remained rather cloudy and it eventually became cooler. The maximum temperatures on both the 30th and 31st was only 11.1°C.

November - Very cold, sunny and rather wet.
 Mean Temperature   4.0°C    
 Monthly Highest  13.2°C   Total Rain  79 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -4.4°C  Total Sun  73 hrs

There were some mild spells during November, mainly during the first week and around the middle of the month. On the 1st, the temperature exceeded 13°C. However, winds were frequently from the northwest, and although there was plenty of sunshine, there were also showers, or longer spells of rain. Some snow fell and there were many frosty nights. On the 26th, the maximum temperature was only 2.6°C. and on the following day over 13mm of rain fell.

December - Very dull, mild and wet.
 Mean Temperature   7.1°C    
 Monthly Highest  12.3°C   Total Rain  90 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -1.9°C  Total Sun  27 hrs

Most of the first 3 weeks of December were cloudy with outbreaks of rain and drizzle, and only a few drier, brighter interludes occurred. On the 1st, nearly 15mm of rain was recorded. It was mainly mild or very mild, and on the 16th the temperature reached 12°C. There were some sunny spells around Christmas, and the last week was cold for a while with frosty nights. The maximum temperature on the 28th was only 3.4°C. after an overnight low near minus 2°C.

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