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1922 Rather Cool and Dry. A Mild Winter, and Cool Summer
In the year that insulin was first used to successfully treat diabetes, Benito Mussolini became the youngest ever Prime Minister of Italy, and British archaelogist Howard Carter discovered the entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamun
Weather Notes:-
15th January - Snow affected much of Britain with level depths of 25 to 50cm in parts of Derbyshire.
22nd May - The temperature reached 32.8°C. at Camden Square (London), the second of four days with a maximum temperature above 30°C.
7th August - A 48 hour rainfall total of 125mm was recorded at Worksop (Nottinghamshire).

In London...
 Temperature  9.6°C   Rainfall 567.7 mm   Warmest  30.3°C
 Sunshine 1477 hrs      Coldest  -3.2°C

JanuaryRather mild with above average rainfall and sunshine.
 Mean Temperature   4.6°C    
 Monthly Highest  14.0°C   Total Rain  57 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -3.2°C  Total Sun  49 hrs

The first 10 days of January were mostly mild or very mild with a mixture of rain and sunshine. On the 2nd, the temperature reached 14°C. with a similar maximum on the 9th. Later in the second week it became much colder, and the high on the 13th was only 0.7°C. Snow fell on the evening of the 15th, but temperatures then slowly recovered but with frosty nights. On the 19th, around 16mm of rain fell, and the end of the month was mild and changeable.

February - Sunny, mild and rather wet.
 Mean Temperature   5.4°C    
 Monthly Highest  14.6°C   Total Rain  47 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -3.0°C  Total Sun  91 hrs

There was some cold and frosty weather early in February, and the maximum temperature on the 5th was only 0.2°C. However, it became milder during the second week, and with south or southwesterly winds predominating, the rest of the month was mostly mild or very mild. A few wet spells occurred, and on the 21st nearly 11mm of rain fell. Generally, there was plenty of sunshine, and on the 25th it was sunny all day with the afternoon temperature near 15°C.

March - Dull and cold with above average rainfall.
 Mean Temperature   5.4°C    
 Monthly Highest  13.3°C   Total Rain  43 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -2.5°C  Total Sun  90 hrs

The opening days of March were mild and  changeable but with some lengthy spells of sunshine. The temperature on the 3rd rose above 13°C. and on the 8th nearly 10mm of rain fell. However, the following day was sunny. It became colder during the second week, and for the rest of the month it was mostly cold, rather cloudy,  and with winds frequently from the  northeast. Wintry showers occurred and the temperature on the 22nd only reached 3.4°C.

April - Cold and wet with below average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature   6.5°C    
 Monthly Highest  19.7°C   Total Rain   66 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -3.2°C  Total Sun  141 hrs

A cold and bright start to April was followed by a wet day on the 3rd, when a mixture of rain, sleet and snow gave a total of over 15mm. The maximum temperature was only 3.3°C. Further cold weather with wintry showers occurred in the second week but it then became much warmer for a while. On the 14th, the afternoon temperature almost reached 20°C. The second half of April was mostly changeable, and although a few sunny days occurred, it was mainly rather cold.

May - Very sunny, dry and warm.
 Mean Temperature  14.3°C    
 Monthly Highest  30.3°C   Total Rain   26 mm
 Monthly Lowest   1.7°C  Total Sun  291 hrs

Temperatures were mostly near normal during the early part of May, but during the second week it was cool. On the 11th, the maximum temperature was only 10.6°C. The weather was showery but there were several dry and sunny days. After mid month, temperatures rose, and from the end of the third week it became very warm or hot. On the 24th, the temperature exceeded 30°C. It was humid at times, and thunderstorms on the 25th gave nearly 10mm of rain.

June - Dry with above average sunshine and below normal temperatures.
 Mean Temperature  15.4°C    
 Monthly Highest  29.0°C   Total Rain   25 mm
 Monthly Lowest   7.4°C  Total Sun  226 hrs

The first 2 days of the month were very warm, and the temperature on the 1st reached 29°C. It then became cooler, although there were several more sunny and pleasantly warm days until the middle of the second week. It then became generally more cloudy, rather cool and occasionally changeable. On the 14th it was very cool with an afternoon temperature of only 11.8°C. Rainfall was mostly light during the month, but on the 28th nearly 9mm was recorded.

July - Very cool, dull and rather wet.
 Mean Temperature  15.1°C    
 Monthly Highest  24.2°C   Total Rain   84 mm
 Monthly Lowest   7.9°C  Total Sun  151 hrs

The first fortnight of July was cool, changeable and unseasonably windy at times. On the 7th, nearly 14mm of rain fell. The beginning of the third week was very cool, and on the16th the afternoon temperature was only 15.0°C. During the latter part of the third week the weather became warmer and sunnier. After a sunny day on the 19th, the temperature on the 21st rose above 24°C. Unsettled and  cool weather then returned for the rest of the month.

August - Very cool and dull with rainfall slightly below normal.
 Mean Temperature  14.7°C    
 Monthly Highest  22.5°C   Total Rain   53 mm
 Monthly Lowest   6.4°C  Total Sun  131 hrs

The beginning of August was very unsettled and cool. On the 6th over 16mm of rain fell, and on the 10th the afternoon temperature failed to rise above 16.6°C. A short drier and warmer spell commenced towards the end of the third week, and the temperature on the 21st rose above 22°C. Despite the higher temperatures, there was still plenty of cloud. The last week of the month was sunnier at times, but temperatures mainly stayed well below average. 

September - Cool, dull and rather dry.
 Mean Temperature  12.6°C    
 Monthly Highest  21.4°C   Total Rain   40 mm
 Monthly Lowest   3.7°C  Total Sun  107 hrs

After an unsettled start to the month, it became drier but with plenty of cloud. Temperatures were close to normal during the first fortnight, although the high on the 9th was only 14.0°C. After mid month, it was generally cool, breezy and changeable. On the 19th, nearly 14mm of rain fell, but then a brief rather warm interlude occurred. On the 21st, the afternoon temperature reached 21°C., before the mostly cool and  unsettled weather returned for the remainder of the month.

October - Very dry, cold and sunny.
 Mean Temperature   9.0°C    
 Monthly Highest  18.2°C   Total Rain   19 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -2.1°C  Total Sun  117 hrs

The first few days of October were mild and unsettled. The temperature on the 1st rose above 18°C., and on the 4th nearly 8mm of rain fell. Pressure then built across the country bringing plenty of dry weather. Cloud amounts were variable and weak fronts occasionally produced light rain. However, from the middle of the second week until mid month it was largely sunny. At the end of the month it was cold and frosty, and on the 29th the temperature only reached 5.8°C.

November - Dull, dry and cold.
 Mean Temperature   5.8°C    
 Monthly Highest  12.8°C   Total Rain  36 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -1.9°C  Total Sun  40 hrs

There was some unsettled and mild weather during the first week. On the 1st, nearly 11mm of rain was measured and the maximum temperature on the 6th approached 13°C. During the second and third weeks of November it was generally dry but often misty with some morning fog. On the 14th, it was particularly dull and cold with a maximum temperature of only 2.1°C. At the end of the month the weather became milder and more unsettled but with some sunshine.
December - Mild and rather wet with above average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature   6.4°C    
 Monthly Highest  10.9°C   Total Rain  72 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -1.9°C  Total Sun  44 hrs

The first week was rather mild and changeable, but the second week was colder for a while with sunny periods. After an early frost on the 9th, the temperature during the day failed to rise above 4.7°C. At the end of the second week it became milder, and on the 13th, after a mild night, the temperature during the day rose close to 11°C. The remainder of the month was mostly mild and unsettled, and although most of the rain was light, on the 31st more than 12mm fell. 

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