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1944 Dry. Dry Spring and Summer and Cool Autumn.
In the year that the last eruption of Mount Vesuvius occurred, the D-Day landings of 150,000 allied troops took place in Normandy, and the first V2 rocket landed on London. In the world of music, Glenn Miller disappeared in an aircraft thought to have crashed in fog between southern England and France.
Weather Notes:-
29th February - Up to 40cm of snow in the Peak District and on the North York Moors.
29th May - Severe thunderstorms around Holmfirth (West Yorkshire) led to flash flooding which resulted in collapsed buildings and 3 fatalities. 
12th December - Heavy, drifting snow in Ullapool (Ross) area  with avalanches nearby.

In London...
 Temperature 10.3°C   Rainfall 482.9 mm   Warmest  30.2°C
 Sunshine 1358 hrs      Coldest  -4.9°C

JanuaryDull, mild and rather dry.
 Mean Temperature   6.6°C    
 Monthly Highest  12.9°C   Total Rain  39 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -1.2°C  Total Sun  31 hrs

There was a cloudy, mild and changeable start to this snow-free January. During the second week it became fine with frosty nights, but after a sunny day on the 14th, the following 2 days were very foggy with visibilities of less than 10m. The maximum temperatures on the 15th and 16th were only 2°C. During the third week it became milder and the weather remained unsettled until the end of the month. On the 23rd over 8mm of rain waas recorded.  

February - Dry and rather cold with below average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature   3.9°C    
 Monthly Highest  13.1°C   Total Rain  17 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -3.0°C  Total Sun  55 hrs

There was some mild weather early in the month and on the 2nd the temperature rose above 13°C. Thereafter, although a few mild days occurred, it was generally rather cold, often breezy and fairly cloudy. On the 16th, nearly 10mm of rain wa measured, and during the latter half of the month there was occasional sleet or snow. However, amounts were small and there were several more dry days. On the 19th, the maximum temperature only reached 2.5°C. 

March - Very dry and cold with below average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature   5.5°C    
 Monthly Highest  20.0°C   Total Rain   2 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -2.8°C  Total Sun  101 hrs

This was a quiet month dominated by areas of high pressure, although weak fronts gave a little rain, and there were also a few wintry showers. Nevertheless, measurable rain only fell on 5 days, with the wettest days, the 14th and 30th, only having 0.5mm each. The coldest weather, with several frosty nights, occurred early in the month, and on the 4th the maximum temperature was only 3.8°C. During the last week it was warm for a while with a high of 20°C on the 26th.

April - Mild, rather dull and dry.
 Mean Temperature  11.0°C    
 Monthly Highest  21.8°C   Total Rain   33 mm
 Monthly Lowest   2.1°C  Total Sun  136 hrs

The early part of April was unsettled and breezy, and on the 3rd around 16mm of rain was recorded. It was cold at first, and after an early morning ground frost, the afternoon temperature on the 1st only reached 7.7°C. During the latter part of the third week it became much warmer, and the last week of the month was mostly dry, warm and sunny. On the 30th the maximum tempera\ture almost reached 22°C., but some of the nights continued to be rather cool.

May - Dry with above average sunshine and near normal temperatures.
 Mean Temperature  12.4°C    
 Monthly Highest  30.2°C   Total Rain   17 mm
 Monthly Lowest   0.5°C  Total Sun  227 hrs

Measurable rain only fell on 5 days during this May, with nearly 8mm falling on the 13th. During the early part of the month, along with the last week, it was quite sunny. A few ground frosts occurred during the second and third weeks, and there were some rather cloudy days. On the 16th the afternoon temperature only reached 9.2°C. The last few days of the month became very warm and humid, and on the 29th the maximum temperature was over 30°C. 

June - Cool with below average rainfall and sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  14.6°C    
 Monthly Highest  23.1°C   Total Rain   38 mm
 Monthly Lowest   6.7°C  Total Sun  187 hrs

The early part of June was unsettled and an unusually deep depression for the time of year produced gusts of 44kn on the 4th, In the cool westerlies that followed,  the maximum temperature on the 6th was only 14.2°C. On the 9th, nearly 20mm of rain fell, but during the month there were several fine days and rain at other times was mainly light. Temperatures were disappointing throughout the month with the only rather warm days confined to the last week.  

July - Very dull and dry with temperatures near normal.
 Mean Temperature  17.5°C    
 Monthly Highest  26.3°C   Total Rain   42 mm
 Monthly Lowest  10.0°C  Total Sun  107 hrs

There was a cool and changeable start to July, and on the 3rd the afternoon temperature only reached 17.4°C. with nearly 11mm of rain falling. The unsettled weather continued throughout the month, and although rainfall was often light and trivial, there was a notable lack of sunshine,  with afternoons,  in particular,  frequently dull. Despite the excess of cloud, daytime temperatures were only slightly below normal, whereas nights were generally fairly warm.

August - Warm with below average rainfall and slightly above normal sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  18.7°C    
 Monthly Highest  27.7°C   Total Rain   50 mm
 Monthly Lowest  11.6°C  Total Sun  199 hrs

The first 2 weeks of August were generally dry and  warm with spells of sunshine. The warm weather extended into the third week, and on the 16th the maximum temperature almost reached 28°C. It became increasingly humid and the warm weather ended at the end of the third week. On the 21st the highest temperature was only 15.1°C., and then the remainder of the month was rather cool and changeable. On the 24th. over 18mm of rain was measured.

September - Cool with above average rainfall and near normal sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  13.3°C    
 Monthly Highest  20.9°C   Total Rain   57 mm
 Monthly Lowest   3.8°C  Total Sun  143 hrs

There were many dry days during this September and most of the rain that fell was fairly light. However, on the 2nd, over 17mm of rain was recorded. The most notable aspect of the month was the lack of warm days. On the 14th, the high was close to 21°C, but even as early as the 11th the minimum temperature was below 4°C. The coolest weather was reserved for the end of the month and the maximum temperature on the 24th was only 13.6°C.

October - Rather cold, dull and wet.
 Mean Temperature   9.8°C    
 Monthly Highest  15.5°C   Total Rain  69 mm
 Monthly Lowest   0.1°C  Total Sun  81 hrs

There was some fine and mild weather early in the month and on the 2nd it was sunny all day. The maximum temperature on the 6th was above 15°C., but during the second week it became somewhat cooler. It rained regularly during October, and on the 17th over 13mm of rain fell. However, much of the rain during the month was light. During the last week it became cold, and after an early ground frost, the maximum temperature on the 29th was only 7.8°C.

November - Wet and rather cold with sunshine slightly below average.
 Mean Temperature   6.8°C    
 Monthly Highest  14.3°C   Total Rain  87 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -1.0°C  Total Sun  51 hrs

The first week was mild and on the 5th the temperature rose above 14°C. During the second week it became colder, with frost around dawn on the 11th, and on the following few nights,  with maximum temperatures of only 5.0°C. on both the 14th and 15th. It became milder after mid month, but very unsettled with some strong winds and heavy rain. In a month that only had 8 days without measurable rain, the 17th was especially wet with over 21mm falling 

December - Cold and dry with near normal sunshine.
 Mean Temperature   3.6°C    
 Monthly Highest  12.5°C   Total Rain  30 mm
 Monthly Lowest  -4.9°C  Total Sun  41 hrs

The month began with mild, changeable weather, and on the 3rd the maximum temperature rose above 12°C. At the end of the second week a quieter spell of weather developed with some dense fogs occurring. However, a short unsettled interlude on the 17th produced nearly 12mm of rain. On the 20th, the fog was very dense, and over the Christmas period there was freezing fog. On both the 26th and 29th the maximum temperatures were only minus 0.8°C.

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