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1953 Dry and fairly Sunny. A Dry Winter
In the year that Nikita Khruschev became leader of the Soviet Union following the death of Joseph Stalin, Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing made the first successful ascent of Mount Everest and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II took place at Westminster Abbey. In the world of music, Frankie Laine dominated the British Charts with 3 Number Ones and a total of 28 weeks in the top spot. His hit 'I Believe' was a chart topper for 18 consecutive weeks.
Weather Notes:-
31st January - Severe north to northwest gales, low pressure and high tides combined to produce devastating floods in parts of eastern England. Much loss of life occurred, with the Netherlands suffering an even greater disaster.
28th March - Over 75mm of rain fell across a large area of south and central Wales, including over 107mm at LLangurig (Powys).
16th June - Thunderstorms produced some localised torrential downpours in northern England, including over 170mm at Sedbergh (Cumbria).

In London...
 Temperature10.6°C  Rainfall499.1 mm  Warmest 31.2°C
 Sunshine1585 hrs   Coldest -3.8°C

January Dry, dull and rather cold.
 Mean Temperature  3.5°C  
 Monthly Highest 13.4°C  Total Rain 22 mm
 Monthly Lowest -3.8°C Total Sun 34 hrs

The first week of January was mostly cold and changeable with a mixture of rain, sleet and snow. On the 6th, nearly 12mm of rain was measured, and on the 7th the maximum temperature was only 1.9°C. During the second week, the weather became mainly dry, and although some overnight frosts occurred, days generally became less cold. There were many dry and cloudy days, but the end of month was unsettled and mild, and the 31st was a windy day.
February - Rather dry with near normal temperatures and sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  4.4°C  
 Monthly Highest 13.9°C  Total Rain 29 mm
 Monthly Lowest -3.3°C Total Sun 62 hrs

The first half of February was fairly unsettled but rainfall amounts were small and although rather cloudy at times there were some clear and frosty nights. On the 10th, nearly 12mm of rain fell, and this was followed by a cold interlude with a little snow. On both the 14th and 15th, the temperature only reached 1.8°C. At the end of the third week it became mild with plenty of sunshine. No measurable rain fell after the 19th, and on the 27th the temperature almost reached 14°C. 

March - Very dry with below average temperatures and near normal sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  5.9°C  
 Monthly Highest 19.4°C  Total Rain  11 mm
 Monthly Lowest -2.8°C Total Sun 110 hrs

There was no measurable rain during the first 25 days of March, but at times it was cloudy. The first week was particularly dull and misty, and the maximum temperature on the 5th was only 4.9°C. The second and third weeks were brighter and milder but with several frosty nights. The temperature rose above 19°C. on the 25th but then the weather became rather changeable. On the 30th, over 5mm of rain fell, but the last day of the month was mostly sunny.

April - Rather cold and wet with above average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  8.6°C  
 Monthly Highest 17.8°C  Total Rain  56 mm
 Monthly Lowest  0.6°C Total Sun 171 hrs

The first half of April was changeable, although amounts of rain were generally small. It was windy at times and temperatures were mostly below average. On the 6th, the maximum temperature was only 8.3°C. Towards the end of the third week, it became mainly fine and it became warmer. On the 22nd, it was sunny all day and the afternoon temperature almost reached 18°C. The last week of April was cooler and unsettled. On the 30th, over 16mm of rain fell.

May - Rather warm and sunny with below average rainfall.
 Mean Temperature 13.4°C  
 Monthly Highest 30.1°C  Total Rain  39 mm
 Monthly Lowest  2.4°C Total Sun 240 hrs

The 1st of May was dull and cold with rain at times. The maximum temperature was only 9.1°C. and nearly 8mm of rain were recorded. The 3rd was a sunny day, and much of the first fortnight was then dry with sunny periods. Temperatures were mostly above average, although ground frost occurred on some nights during the second week. After mid month, the weather was changeable, but it became warm at times, and on the 25th, the temperature rose above 30°C.

June - Rather cool and dull with slightly above average rainfall.
 Mean Temperature 15.0°C  
 Monthly Highest 26.2°C  Total Rain  46 mm
 Monthly Lowest  6.8°C Total Sun 174 hrs

The beginning of June was very cool . The 2nd and 3rd were both particularly dull, damp and unseasonably cold days. On the 3rd, the maximum temperature was only 11.0°C. Temperature levels then recovered somewhat but it remained rather cool, often rather cloudy, and occasionally showery. On the 15th, nearly 17mm of rain fell. During the last week of June it became very warm and sunny for a while, and the temperature on the 26th exceeded 26°C. 

July - Cool and wet with near normal sunshine.
 Mean Temperature 16.4°C  
 Monthly Highest 24.7°C  Total Rain  92 mm
 Monthly Lowest 10.3°C Total Sun 203 hrs

There were some fine days during the first week, and the 5th was sunny with the temperature near 25°C. The remainder of the month was changeable as a series of Atlantic frontal systems crossed the country bringing bands of rain. There were sunny spells and a few showers between rain bands, and temperatures mainly stayed below normal. After a dry start, the 31st became a wet day with over 17mm of rain falling and a maximum temperature of only 16.2°C.

August - Sunny and rather dry with temperatures close to average.
 Mean Temperature 17.4°C  
 Monthly Highest 31.2°C  Total Rain  44 mm
 Monthly Lowest  8.4°C Total Sun 240 hrs

There was no measurable rain during the first 17 days of August and much of the period was sunny. Temperatures were near, or slightly below, average at first, but during the second week it became very warm or hot. The temperature on the 12th exceeded 31°C., but it then became cooler, and during the third week the weather turned unsettled and occasionally windy. On the 20th, over 16mm of rain fell and on the 22nd the highest temperature was only 17.9°C.

September - Sunny with slightly below average temperatures and near normal rainfall.
 Mean Temperature 14.4°C  
 Monthly Highest 23.8°C  Total Rain  51 mm
 Monthly Lowest  7.6°C Total Sun 184 hrs

The opening fortnight of September was mainly dry with sunny periods. It was fairly warm at times, and on the 8th the afternoon temperature was close to 24°C. At the end of the second week it became cooler, and after mid month the weather became more changeable. On the 17th, over 12mm of rain fell, and it stayed  unsettled during the remainder of the month as Atlantic frontal systems crossed the country. On the 28th, the maximum temperature was only 15.2°C.

October - Rather dull with temperatures and rainfall close to nomal.
 Mean Temperature 10.9°C  
 Monthly Highest 20.3°C  Total Rain 58 mm
 Monthly Lowest  1.6°C Total Sun 81 hrs

The 1st  of October was humid and warm with the temperature exceeding 20°C. There were further rather warm and sunny days during the opening week of October, but then the weather became unsettled and less warm. On the 13th, nearly 22mm of rain fell, but although the second half of the month was often cloudier and cooler, there were still several dry days. The last week was rather windy, and on the 28th the highest temperature was only 11.0°C.

November - Dry and mild with average sunshine.
 Mean Temperature  8.4°C  
 Monthly Highest 13.7°C  Total Rain 38 mm
 Monthly Lowest -0.1°C Total Sun 53 hrs

The 1st day of the month was wet with nearly 28mm of rain falling. It then became rather cold and mostly dry with sunny periods and slight overnight frosts. During the second week, there were further dry days and it became milder. The maximum temperature on the 13th was nearly 14°C. The mild weather persisted until the end of the third week, but it then became rather cool and cloudy, The maximum temperature on both the 22nd and 23rd, was only 7.5°C.

December - Very dry, mild and dull.
 Mean Temperature  8.0°C  
 Monthly Highest 15.1°C  Total Rain 13 mm
 Monthly Lowest -0.3°C Total Sun 33 hrs

The first 3 weeks of December were rather cloudy, and with winds blowing from the south it was mostly very mild. On the 4th, the temperature exceeded 15°C. During the fourth week, it was less mild and on the night of the 20th/21st the only frost of the month occurred. There were a few sunny spells, but generally cloud persisted. Rainfall amounts were mostly small, but on the 30th over 4mm of rain was recorded, with the temperature only reaching 5.7°C.

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